At Freedom Prosthetic & Orthotics, we realize that no two people needing a prosthetic are ever the same. This is why we work closely with Ottobock and other manufacturers, in order to meet your needs with a simple solution.

Our clinicians understand how overwhelming this process can be, we will work with you during product selection and will help you pick the componentry that you need in order for you to be successful. When conducting product selection our clinicians look for reliability, safety, stability and features that will help you through your daily life. We specialize in working with patients of all ages and we are proud to serve our veterans. Our clinicians are specialized in:

Lower Extremity:                                                                 Upper Extremity:

Partial Foot or ToesPartial Foot/Toes                                                      Partial Hand or Finger(s) AmputationPartial Hand/Fingers

Above Knee AmputationAbove Knee                                                             Above Elbow Amputation Above Elbow

Below Knee  Below Knee                                                             Below Elbow AmputationBelow Elbow

Bilateral Lower Limb Loss Bilateral Lower Limb Loss                                    Bilateral Upper Limb LossBilateral Upper Limb Loss


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